About Me

Hey Y'all! I'm Madison Corbin. while you're here, get to know me a biT...

  1. coffee makes my world go round.

  2. i have no shame in singing "look what you made me do" (t-swift).

  3. i love halo top ice cream! (Birthday cake flavor will change your life).

  4. phoebe from friends is my spirit animal.

  5. Unicorns are actually the best.

  6. i'm actually 22...not 14 like most people think.

  7. I'm pretty sure God gave us noodles to show that he loves us.

  8. i can't cook unless it's a cupcake.

  9. my dog, Luna, is probably the most spoiled animal on the planet.

  10. my fantasy football team always comes in last place. every year.

Now, let's get to know you better!