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Anna Hart + Clay | Classic Neutral and Black Wedding

Anna Hart and Clay are two of my lifelong friends, and I could not be more honored to be a small part of their biggest day! These two have been a romantic love story in the making for years. I met Clay in the seventh grade; he was always a funny, goofy, and outgoing fella. I have laughed so hard around him to the point of being in tears. I remember one day he brought his new girlfriend to the church we went to, and we all were amazed at how beautiful she was! Mouths dropped, and we all joked with Clay about how he got a girl like her to agree to go out with him. Years later, I finally got that question answered.
When Anna Hart and Clay were planning their wedding, I asked her, “So what drew you to Clay back in high school, and what made you want to marry him?” She responded to me, “I love his personality. He is so funny and keeps me laughing all the time!” *heart eyes* That was the sweetest thing she could have ever said, knowing how funny he is. During their engagement session, I became obsessed with how they act around each other. They keep each other on their toes and constantly joke with each other.

This wedding started on such a high note for me–the bride had catered Subway sandwiches for their getting ready area, and the sandwiches that came were EXACTLY what I order in the restaurant…major win! Anna Hart (double name because hello…it’s the South) was seriously one of the most easy-going brides I have ever worked with. She made the day fun not only for her bridal party but for her photographer as well!

This neutral toned wedding came with the most stunning florals and details; she wore one of her grandmother’s rings on her right hand, and the most gorgeous yellow gold engagement ring on her left. Her bouquets were dreamy, featuring eucalyptus pieces. But the day only went up from there.
We began the day with tears as she did a first look with her dad. He turned away from the camera as he wiped his eyes, but there was no denying the love he has for his baby girl.
The tears continued with Anna Hart’s first look with Clay. The ceremony was beautiful, held in a southern church sanctuary. We traveled to a country club for the reception (also where we did Anna Hart’s bridal portraits). The rain held off for most of the evening, and we sent the happy couple off after hours of dancing! Proceeding through hundreds of sparklers, the newlyweds began their new journey and set off towards Jamaica for a lovely honeymoon.

Thank you to the new Morrows! Xoxo

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